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Creativity for Mental Health

Not a regular Creative Agency we also write and deliver creativity and wellbeing masterclasses – no skills needed!

You can never underestimate creativity, not just in terms of design but also with wellbeing and workplace productivity. At Yolkdesign we have a specific tailored service for individuals and teams to help them reconnect, have fun and bring out their creative side.


ReFrame is our creative masterclass designed and delivered with one sole purpose, to help people understand the connection between creativity and wellbeing and the positive impact it can have on life.

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Delivered either online or face to face, the masterclasses are about inspiration, encouragement and measurable lasting changes to your health, wellbeing, careers and family. It is not an art class or a mindfulness session but a dedicated masterclass that aims to reconnect each person with their own creativity to empower them and impact mindset at home and at work.

We can provide one-off sessions or programmes, ensuring every session is high value and creates big changes for individual people, small teams and even whole companies. Happiness isn’t found outside us, but comes from within. Creativity helps us unlock our true potential. Reframe not only explains how but takes you on an actionable journey of self discovery.

“We welcomed the brilliant Sarah Henderson to give Vodafone Smart Tech some creative coaching... and it was great fun as well as really energising! It was like standing up and having a stretch in the middle of the day. “

- Josie Madoc, Vodafone Smart Tech -

I had the pleasure to attend an impactful session with Sarah Henderson yesterday on the connection between creativity and wellbeing. My biggest take away was It is not about what you make, but about the act of making it that will impact on your well-being.”

- Stefanie Fischer, ZF Aftermarket -

Our ReFrame masterclasses enable people to see things in a different way while putting a great big smile on their face. Think about the benefits new creative habits will have on the challenges you face. It will improve decision making, innovation and productivity whilst reducing stress and overwhelm. Best of all – it’s fun!

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