The Positive Impact Creative Agency

What makes us tick?

We believe design can make our world better

Working with cause-driven brands to shape a better future.

Our Heart

Yolkdesign is known for expertise, creativity and compassionate leadership. The team is empowered to constantly strive and achieve their very best for our amazing clients.

Just as the Yolk is the centre of new life in an egg, so we are the catalyst for new beginnings for our clients. Don’t buy our products and services – buy the transformation they will help you achieve.

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“Having Yolkdesign onboard has been a huge boost, we have a strong visual message to convey and it was key for us to get the branding correct. Fortunately, Yolkdesign achieved this right from the start. When you know what you want but do not know what it looks like this can be a real issue, but Yolkdesign tuned straight into our vague concepts and came back with exactly what we were looking for.”

- Graham Sykes, Owner & Technical Director -

“During my career I've been privileged to work with some outstanding creative professionals, and Sarah stands out among these. Not only does she consistently deliver designs and artwork which inspire those around her, I've watched her bring a positive transformation into the workplace.”

- Adam Court, Web Developer at Bright Hill -

Wow! What can I say. The whole process was faultless from beginning to end. They take the time to really understand you, your business, your values and shape them visually in a way that tells your story. Loved the whole process and wouldn't hesitate to recommend!

- Sheila, CEO at BMR Health & Wellbeing -

“Sarah is just fabulous! She guided me through the process of understanding how my brand encompasses much more than just a logo and did this in a relaxed and engaging way. A true professional, Sarah certainly delivered on her promises and I would recommend her to anyone. “

- Anita, CEO of Arscott Brookes -

Our Founder

Sarah Henderson has spent her whole career in the creative industry working for some well-established household names such as Lamborghini, Shell, Bang & Olufsen, Ford and EY. She understands the process and believes that good people and strong relationships are the key to better design.

As a mother, meditator, mental health first aider and wellbeing champion, Sarah’s desire was to shape a creative agency that improved the lives of all that were associated with it. For Sarah, it’s about happy clients, a happy team and top-rated creativity, that’s what creates real joy.

We’re proud to work with all our clients and we’re proud of the results we create together.

We strive for diversity, authenticity and kindness and try to give back to our community as much as we can by supporting local charities and sponsoring creative education. It’s our aim to have a positive impact on the lives of everyone associated with Yolkdesign.

Setting the bar high so that as many people can benefit as possible.

Creative Strategy

Brand Evolution


Our Team Values


We are true to ourselves, we wear no masks. We bring it all and expect everyone to be free to do the same. We care about being real.


We do what we say and strive to help others from a place of kindness. As much as we can, we stop and ask ourselves … “are we doing the right thing?”


Always curious and exploring new possibilities. We love using our expertise to challenge and push what is possible. Creativity is what makes us human.

Quality relationships

We care hugely about the type of people we work with. We work ‘for’ and ‘with’ nice, decent people. We put our hearts and souls into every project which always results in powerful partnerships.